18 January 2013

10 Swedish Blogs in English

[Originally posted on January 14th]
You know that feeling you get when you’ve been home too long? Too much “quality time” with the family and you start to regress a bit. If you don’t understand what I’m talking about, go home and stay there. Longer. Then see if you don’t start to act like you’re in high school again. Seriouslyit’s a thing.
I injured my foot a few days ago and the only shoes that fit over the swelling are my Uggs from high school. Today I wore them with running shorts, so I’m definitely someone who’s going places in life (to the grocery store, we needed produce ice cream). While I was not running in my running shorts (read: limping), we had a high of 10 today and I regretted not doing my laundry this weekend. Stockholm had a high of 21 so I think this whole extended winter break thing is just the world playing a mean trick on me.
Since I’m not doing things interesting enough to seriously blog about right now, I’ve made a list of cool Swedish blogs in English you should check out. Some of them are really, really cool and you can learn a lot from them, others are just fun reads. In fact, some of them don’t require much reading at all. Just in case you’d rather not feel literate today.
1. Hans Rosling: Time has some questionable practices for naming its 100 Most Influential People; how Tim Tebow’s influence on the world is even comparable to Christine Lagarde eludes me (because it’s bullshit). Rosling is one of the picks they got right. A leader in public health research, Rosling uses his data to change our perspective on global health, economics, and the Third World. He gives amazing TED talks and he is so in love with statistics that he can convince you that you love it, too.
2. SwedesPlease: Sweden has a huge music scene and this website promotes one new song every day. There is more to Swedish music than ABBA and death metal. Pretty straightforward, worth expanding your music library.
3. Rick Falkvinge: Sweden’s relationship with internet piracy is more than interesting or strange, it’s weird. Like, really weird. As in piracy is a religionrecognized by the government weird. Ever heard of The Pirate Bay? Of course not, you’re an upstanding, law-abiding citizen. Right. Well, it’s a Swedish website. The Pirate Party was founded by Falkvinge in 2006 solely to promote the sharing of electronic information. By 2009 it was the third largest political party in Sweden and today holds two seats in the EP. If you were wondering who donates servers and bandwidth to Wikileaks, it’s the Pirate Party. Did I mention piracy isn’t even legal in Sweden? Falkvinge stepped down as leader of the party a couple years ago and now runs this blog about file sharing.
4. Emma’s Design Blog: It’s kind of like IKEA in that it’s definitely Swedish. It’s different because you don’t have to spend hours putting it together crying on the phone to your dad trying to figure out what an allen wrench is. It’s also a lot fancier than the furniture at IKEA, some of which I’m convinced must be made out of the same wood kids build model airplanes with (In another lifetime, I was raised in the 1950s. Who makes model airplanes anymore?). Anyway, Emma’s blog makes me feel more cultured just scrolling through and the pictures are fantastic. Livable art is great.
5. Something Swedish: Meg moved to Sweden and now she blogs about it. Very educational. I particularly enjoy her articles on Swedish food because food is my favorite thing in the whole world. Expect many, many blog entries on Swedish food in the future.
6. Media Culpa: Social media commentary from a PR strategist, with some really great infographics. Gives an interesting perspective on viral news stories and the sustainability of websites like Facebook and Pinterest. I also found this video from Eurovision 2012 on the blog and felt like sharing.
7. Fashion Squad: Gotta keep it in the fam. Carolina has amazing taste and a really popular fashion blog.
8. Ogle Earth: Strange things you can see from Google Earth with commentary on their importance. I have this gut feeling that Bill Nye the Science Guy would get along with Stefan Geens, the blog’s creator. Did you know Bill Nye has his own blog? He’s not Swedish but here’s the chance to relive your childhood.
9. Swedish Love Affair: Pretty much your standard personal blog. Antonia lives in the South of Sweden with her boyfriend and dog and she’s having a baby soon. She has some really great entries on living in Sweden and I enjoy her photographs.
10. Style by Kling: Elin Kling is a Swedish model. She is pretty and posts pictures of herself, as well as other pretty things. If you haven’t caught on to the whole blogging thing yet, many of the more successful bloggers take pretty photographs and don’t have to post much else. Style by Kling is hosted by Now Manifest, the same people who host Bryan Boy and Fashion Toast (it’s kind of a big deal).

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